Bio-Retinol Bakuchiol Potion

Bio-Retinol Bakuchiol Age-Defying Potion


Kashmiri Saffron-Turmeric Brightening Hydrator


Lilaa Organic Skincare’s Kashmiri Saffron-Turmeric Oil Brightening Hydrator is an intensely luxurious product designed to enhance your skin and complexion.



Key ingredients

Kashmiri saffron: It is the world’s most expensive spice; 150 flowers make one single gram of saffron. Its rich vitamin content fights pigmentation and brightens the skin. A study in 2013 reconfirmed that saffron decreases melanin. This spice also protects against ultraviolet A & B rays, which lead to premature ageing. A 2017 study found that saffron is an excellent anti-inflammatory that heals wounds and scars by promoting cell multiplication. It’ll brighten, hydrate and soften the skin leaving it radiant and luminous.

Turmeric oil: A skin rejuvenator, it fades away blemishes and marks, giving the skin a healthy glow and lustre. Rich in antioxidants, it has both anti-allergic as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Pistachio oil: Rich in vitamin E and demulcent properties, it prevents skin dryness and hydrates the skin.

Honey: A natural hydrator and exfoliator, it deeply nourishes the skin and gently removes dead cells that make the skin look dull. It also balances the bacteria on the skin and heals scars, adding a natural glow.

Full list of ingredients

Aqua*, Saffron*, Pistachio oil*, Triticum Sativam*, Gelidium  Cartiagidium*, Brassica Juncea*, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract*

*Ingredients derived completely or partially from natural sources

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