We encourage people to think about skin health, holistically, and invite them to experience meditative skincare with us. Incorporating meditation or high vibration positive thoughts into one’s daily beauty routine can enhance mind-spirit-skin connection, giving one deeper, longer-lasting skin benefits. Meditative skincare targets stress producing hormones, which can initiate wrinkles, and enhances skin’s natural healing ability. We offer two highly effective meditative skincare practices that can help de-stress and heal from the inside out -

Face Yoga: A confluence of eastern practices and modern science, targeting both health and aesthetics, this method can make one feel younger and healthier. It increases natural production of plumping agents such as collagen and elastin and supports detoxification through lymphatic drainage. Face Yoga has been proven to make you look 3 years younger in 20 weeks in a study by dermatologists at Northwestern University.

Reiki Facial: Tailored to the particularities of modern millennial life, it cleanses the chakras, bringing calmness and balance, as well as ridding the skin of blockages, trapped emotions or anything that isn’t serving at present.

All bespoke online consultations are conducted 1:1 by Aditi Lilaa who is a certified practitioner with a strong meditative practice spanning over two decades. Please fill out the form on this page to register your interest and book a session.

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