Face Yoga for relaxation and skin rejuvenation

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Have 10 minutes for yourself?

The Face Yoga method taught by Aditi Lilaa is a confluence of eastern practices and modern science that together make one feel younger and healthier. Targeting both health and aesthetics, it has several benefits:
With regular practice, it tones the 57 face and neck muscles making them stronger and firmer, while, lifting the skin
It improves circulation, lymph flow and removes toxins, thus, detoxifying the systems and the body
It increases collagen and elastin, thus, reducing deep-set lines and wrinkles
It adds a sense of relaxation and improves overall wellbeing. For instance, it helps lower stress levels, sleep better and increase energy levels

The 10 minute Upper Face Workout

Product: Bio-Retinol Bakuchiol Potion

Frequency: Daily

The ritual:

Face Yoga works the hypodermis or the lower layer of the skin (the muscles and fatty tissue), the dermis or the middle layer (the connective tissue) and the epidermis or the upper layer (the cells). This routine starts with a stronger technique and moves on to a more relaxing one. We'll start with the forehead, targeting horizontal lines and wrinkles. Then move to the eyes and focus on reducing puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, as well as, boosting circulation. Next, we'll work on the cheeks addressing sagging, loss of volume, dull skin and nasal labial folds.

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The 10 minute Lower Face Workout

Product: Bio-Retinol Bakuchiol Potion

Frequency: Daily

The ritual:

We'll work with techniques for the mouth, lips and the jawline - lifting and toning it. Finally, we'll work on the neck. We'll use a technique that helps with lymphatic drainage.

Face Lift Massage

Product: Kashmiri Saffron-Turmeric Brightening Hydrator

Frequency: Once a week

The ritual:

The techniques are either very gentle where you don’t pull the skin at all and use 'feather-like' touch, or you are pinching 'down' to the muscle engaging all the layers of skin are involved and again, not dragging or pulling.

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Face Relaxation Techniques

Product: None

Frequency: Daily

The ritual:

Use all your fingertips and gently tap all over your face, from neck to forehead. Take a few deeps breaths and relax the face muscles. This will help the face stay relaxed for the rest of the day reducing wrinkles through stress.

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Bonus tips

Incorporate Acupressure, it is an ancient Chinese and Indian system of applying pressure to specific points on one’s body and face. When a point is pressed, it can have many benefits, such as helping with headaches. One such point is located In the middle of the eyebrows, directly above the pupils. Holding and massaging this point also helps with eye problems. Another point that can reduce the headache is located on the outer end of each eyebrow: the temples.

Another tip, don't hesitate to use tools such as a jade roller to relax and massage the skin.

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